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This is for our project in Etech. Thank You and God bless.


A BLOGGER—–Newbie.

I thought blogging was so hard to do, but I was wrong. Just like in Facebook I post a lot of status ,in Twitter I tweet like a tweety bird hahaha and instagram flooding and taking some selfies even if I’m not good in giving captions. I’m very glad when I knew that our computer teacher requires us to make a blogsite.At first, it’s so hard to adjust(people,format and etc) because it is my first time. Then sooner I just found myself posting a lot of things that comes in my mind.I’m free on what I am doing.In writing and whatsoever.The people were friendly and really good in advicing.Thanks guys and I really appreciate you all :*. Hihihi
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For Real? ^__________^

Watch this video guys.This video will tell you the truth(LOOOOLjk) Hmmmm, science is so amazing yah know. Hihihihihi xD that’s all I can say cz I really don’t know what caption I was supposed to wrote.#Please follow,like and comment guys. :* tnx in advance

Experimented with



Im having a hard time on our math subject huhuhu how can I report those topics if even I, don’t really understand. Ok I’ll just relax and… Fart(pruuut) hahaha joke. Well, I’ll just study and study and study and study about it.I can do this AJA! Hmmm so yeah ,this will be my last post for now guyyysss have a good day ahead :* #Follow4Follow#Like4Like :)tnx

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Its 12 midnight and I’m still wide awake. I can’t sleep so I just logged in on my blog and socialize again to other people.And also to gain new friends 🙂 #HELLOOOOO EVERYONE.#Insomnia#FOLLOW4FOLLOW#LIKE4LIKE 🙂



There are only few couples who have this kind of relationship.Even if they have encountered a lot of problem they are still holding on and loving each other no matter what happen. I really appreciate this photo because it shows that even this modern generation they still have this kind of LOVE :). Strong and loyal…AGREE? 🙂



Ok! I feel awkward, sooo yeaaah!. I know I don’t have my profile picture,but I can give you some hint of my face(LOL). To those people who didn’t know me. Hiiii I hope you’ll enjoy and like my post. Even if sometimes you can’t understand because of my language. 🙂 # FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW 🙂